DETER innovations - making the difference

DETER closes on 3 June 2016

After 5 successful years of working with men who recognised they needed to change DETER has finally had to call it a day. With no meaningful funding available for this much needed project DETER has had to accept that working with men with relationship problems is no longer seen as a community priority.

DETER offered FREE support to men who wanted to change their inappropriate behaviours. DETER worked with men throughout the North East of England. In the last 2.5 years the majority of the men asking DETER for help came from the Gateshead area. The loss of this service will mean that there is no longer a FREE viable outlet for men who need specific help to address their intimate partner violent and abusive behaviours within the Gateshead area.

Services will be available within the Northumberland, Newcastle, South Tyneside and Sunderland and now Gateshead areas through the Barnardos / Police - PCC partnership providers. There may be restricted access to these programmes and in some cases, charges may be asked for to access them.

DETER innovations - Making The Difference

Our Performance

The Relationship Skills Programme was a success. Just ask the men that attended and worked with us. Our supportive approach was our strength. Non judgemental and responsive. We didn't turn anyone away. Our view was, if you want support then come and talk. Lets see how we can find a way to help develop that sense of responsibility to promote your own change.

134 men found the strength to attend and complete. 179 attended and showed that they were capable of working to make changes. In the most the changes were self-determined and realistic. Changes that would help them make better choices and begin to think about how their behaviour impacts on others. In doing that they felt more confident about how they could be better partners and better Dads in the future. Men that could feel they were contributing to developing a safer and more secure community.









Service Users

We worked with men who were referred by: Gateshead Social Services, Newcastle Social Services, Northumberland Social Services, Sunderland Social Services, Darlington Social Services, Durham Social Services, North Tyneside Social Services. Safer Families, Safe Guarding Children Teams, Family Intervention Teams, NHS Talking Therapies, Doctors, Police, Changing Lives, Evolve, Samaritans, RESPECT, National Probation Service, Solicitors, Cyrenians, Turning Point, NECCA and the Men themselves.

A Big Thanks

Thanks, to those that believed in what we were doing and supported our efforts by sign posting men to our project. A volunteer is better than someone who is given no choice but to attend. So, pointing someone in the right direction and encouraging them to think for themselves really helped.