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Over 6 years we worked with 500 men with over 160 of those men completing the Relationship Skills Programme and in the process helping 125 families of the men that attended.

Relationship Skills Programme - RSP

The Relationship Skills Programme is for adult males who have or had problems within intimate adult female relationships.

The primary goal of our work is to reduce the chance of men abusing their intimate female partners and to promote healthier relationships. An additional goal is to reduce the chance of abuse of children within the family.

The Programme

The programme works on a rolling basis. New clients are admitted to the group when there are spaces available.

A successful completion will be acknowledged when participants complete all necessary group sessions and have made progress in meeting the goals they set at the beginning of the programme.

The programme is designed to be delivered at least once a week and in some situations twice. More frequent programme delivery would not allow time for the participants to take on board what they had learnt and practice important skills.

Programme Entry

The RSP is for adult males,18 years + that have been in, or are in, an intimate relationship with an adult female and voluntarily consent to participate.

Participants should be able to acknowledge that they have been abusive. They must be willing to consider what goals they can set themselves that will support positive change and reduce the chance of old behaviours emerging in the future.

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